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Calm Birth Meditation

"Calm Birth is a sublime gift to us all. The positive impact of it on society can’t be overestimated.” – Christiane Northrup, MD

Calm Birth is empowering meditation for conscious pregnancy, birth, and beyond. It is based in ancient meditation science that is built on the powers of sitting mindfully, turning your attention to the breath, and bringing oxygen and vital energy (also called prana or chi) intentionally into the body with each inhalation.

"Calm’ does not mean passive or still: to be ‘calm’ is to function from the space of inner wisdom that drives all actions. Calm Birth and  Calm Mother are simple, effective meditations based in ancient Tibetan meditation science."

- excerpt from the Calm Birth website

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are plentiful and far-reaching. Meditation brings balance, connection, energy, and a feeling of being grounded and centred. Positive effects include increased ability for empathy and compassion, higher creative functioning, deeper concentration, reduced anxiety and depression, and, ultimately, self-actualization.

Meditation has been studied in depth and has been shown to increase pain tolerance while also increasing neurochemical pleasure agents in the body, such as endorphins. Antioxidants, melatonin levels, and immune enhancing properties are also found to be elevated in those who practice regular meditation.

"Calm Birth is the childbirth method that society and I have waited for. (It) does what is so deeply needed. It heals the Earth by healing birth."

– Jeannine Parvati Baker, author of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth and Conscious Conception

Prenatal Meditation for You and Your Baby

Meditation during pregnancy helps to create a relaxed state of being that is transmitted to the child in the womb. Lower levels of stress and anxiety in the mother translate as lower stress hormones for the embryo, less fear reactivity in infancy, and decreased likelihood of the child developing depression or anxiety later in life.  

Meditation is a nonpharmacological coping technique for pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Practicing regular meditation in pregnancy will enhance your connection to yourself and your baby; provide you with deep inner resource to support you through the sensations of labour and birth, regardless of the mode or circumstance; and help you to maintain healthy self-care practices once your baby is born and your journey of parenting begins. You will model healthy coping strategies for your child and encourage lifelong healthy practices and deeper connection by giving them the gift of meditation beginning from the womb.

Meditation is a blessing for anyone experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, but the real blessings will carry on into every breath of your life and support you throughout parenting and your own unfolding.

"Lori is a gifted Calm Birth teacher. She was inspired to become a Calm Birth teacher by the success she had using the method for the birth of her own child, during her own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. We expect her to become a leading teacher in the program. We fully support her."

–  Robert Bruce Newman, Founder, Co-Director, Calm Birth 


"Lori's wisdom as a Calm Birth teacher stems from the birth of her own child. With this invaluable first-hand experience, and her knowledge as an international birth professional, Lori will be a blessing to anyone she encounters as a Calm Birth teacher."

– Anna Humphreys, CD(DONA), CEIM, Calm Birth Co-Director 

Calm Birth Offerings

I offer group Calm Birth classes, condensed weekend workshops, and private facilitation in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Please contact me to discuss your preferred option.

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