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Meet Lori


Artist. Crafter. Creator.
Birth keeper. Heart warrior. Mother.
Global citizen. Lover of the natural world.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, a profound shift occurred within me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Suddenly, a veil was lifted from my perception and I gained an acute awareness that our Universe possesses more mystery, synchronicity, and wonder than I had yet acknowledged. My own journey through childbearing has completely reshaped my inner world.


My daughter, who taught me everything...

Birth work came to me as a calling while I was traveling the world, searching for my purpose, and before I had experienced my own pregnancy. As I gazed out at the Indian Ocean, I was struck with a wave of knowing- I was meant to do birth work. I quickly made it my life’s dedication to walk this path in the service of women, babies, and families.

Since that time in 2012 and spanning three continents, I have served over 80 families in birth and dozens more as a mentor, advocate, and support person during pregnancy and postpartum. I have also given birth to my daughter, relocated five times, been married and divorced, found an inspired and grounding community back in my own place of birth, rediscovered my passion as an artist, and completed a degree in midwifery.

I love to travel, ride horses, create art, practice yoga, and spend time with my feet in the earth or playing in the ocean.


"Bringing life into the world is spiritual work.” – Doreen Day, Anishinaabe Midwife

Birth is a rite of passage, a sacred ceremony, a metamorphosis. Birth is a natural physiological event. Women are divine creators, artists of life. When we trust in the alchemy of birth, and the mystery of our own path, we are offered a journey more wondrous than we could have imagined.

When a birthing woman is undisturbed, she accesses a powerful place in herself; a deep and flowing river of insight and resource.

I provide support throughout the childbearing year and beyond to honour the powerful emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological transformations that occur. I value instinct, intuition, and authenticity. I approach pregnancy and birth with reverence, acknowledging the unique alchemy of each birthing person. I hold space for women and their families to honour childbearing and birth.

I am passionate about empowering, educating, and advocating for women globally to be autonomous and make informed choices. I wish to provide ethical, compassionate, and woman-centred holistic support that honours the individual’s unique identity, spirit, traditions, circumstances, and needs; honouring individuals in their truth, freedom, and wisdom. I encourage all of my clients to deepen their connections to self through journaling, art, meditation, ritual, voice, and movement.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design (2010) and am currently completing my formal midwifery training through the Midwives College of Utah. I will graduate with an Associate of Science in Midwifery in 2018.

Additionally, I have an extensive list of credentials and ongoing education in birth on the topics of breastfeeding, emergency support, loss support, working with survivors of sexual abuse, and global maternal and newborn health. I have attended workshops and courses with Karen Strange (Neonatal Resuscitation), Whapio Diane Bartlett (The Matrona), Vicki Penwell (Mercy in Action), Birthing From Within, DONA, and many others along the way. And, of course, I am a Diaper Free Mentor and certified Calm Birth facilitator!

"Lori is an intuitive giver, her presence in my life has been a gift of connection. I am fortunate enough to have met Lori, a dear friend, a few months before the conception of my second child. She has seen me through each step of my pregnancy and has been a grounding presence in our lives. She is an imperative member of the proverbial village that I find is so important to raise our children; weaving the fabrics of ancient female knowledge and intuition. I recommend Lori and her gentle, organic and knowledgeable approach to mothering to all women."

– Basia, mother of Ophelia and Atticus

"I have nothing but good things to say about Lori Francescutti and the services she provided me and my family around my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

She is knowledgeable and kind, sensitive, generous, and despite her being a total superhero - she is also humble and made me feel really respected. I appreciated her informed critiques of medicalized birth, and her focus on informed consent, but I also really appreciated that she only shared information with me when I asked for it so I never felt overwhelmed.

She is also really great with kids. My 4 year-old daughter was present during and after the birth, and Lori was able to help make the experience extra special for her, including taking care of her needs when no one else could, helping explain some of what was happening, and brilliantly and sensitively capturing some of her new big sister joy, pride, and awe.

And speaking of photography, Lori is super skilled in this area too. She has a great eye, and works well with light.

Thanks Lori for helping make the birth of our second daughter a wonderful experience!"

- Joanne Penhale and family