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Postpartum Doula Support

I hear many stories from women who share about how well-considered their pregnancy decisions were, how invested they were in planning for their birth experience, and yet how overwhelmed and unprepared they felt for the time following their baby’s birth.

I offer postpartum doula services in the comfort of your own home to provide you with the nurturing support you so deserve as you transition into parenthood.

The First Forty Days

The first forty days postpartum are viewed in many wise cultures as a crucial time for healing, bonding, and protecting the spirit of the mother and the newborn. Let me help to bridge the gap as your creation of family unfolds from the moment of birth. Let me support you in honouring the sanctity of your postpartum time.

I support holistic restoration of body and soul.

postpartum doula servicesI offer guidance with newborn care; provide help to organize meal trains so that your family is provided with nourishing foods prepared by your loved ones; establish visiting guidelines for family and friends that are compatible with your wants and needs; provide breastfeeding wisdom; offer space for you to process your birth experience; assist around your home or with older children; encourage you to honour ceremonies that are important to you and create your own family traditions that will carry you through the years together. All of these steps are taken to ensure that you and your baby have the space and time to bond deeply with one another, without the disruptions often brought by our fast-paced world.

If you resonate with these offerings and wish to have heartfelt, experienced personal support in your postpartum period, please get in touch with me. Together we can arrange for a postpartum time that feels right for you, honours the immense importance of this unforgettable occasion, and provides your family with the foundation to transition gracefully.

Beyond Forty Days

I offer continued postpartum support beyond the first forty days. Included in my offerings at any time in the postpartum period are customised support based on your specific needs as a new family; providing you with the time and space for rest and rejuvenation; ongoing breastfeeding support; helping you to access your inner guidance as a conscious parent; supporting you to develop mindful self-care practices; assisting you in developing a village of like-minded parents in your community; and creating a gentle 15-minute postpartum yoga sequence tailored to your body that can be done at home.

postpartum doula support

Postpartum Doula Support Package

Please contact me to discuss a custom postpartum doula support package to suit your needs and budget.

"Lori! You are brave, intuitive, and so full of love. Your hands are blessed, and you bring much comfort and healing to all those you meet."

– Beth Murch, doula and founder of Revolutionary Doula Training
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