Join us for our FREE Yoni Talk community gatherings! Come together in a safe and casual atmosphere to discuss all things birth.
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Yoni Talk / Birth Village

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that describes the source, womb, or sacred passage. It is an alternative for the word vagina, which translates from Latin as scabbard, or sheath for a sword. The word yoni reclaims the power and potential of this life-giving set of organs.

Join us at a FREE support group gathering where we discuss anything and everything related to pregnancy, birth, womynhood, motherhood, sex, fertility, or whatever else comes up.

We will come together in community to share our stories and experiences, offer support, ask questions, and seek wisdom from within ourselves. Guest speakers will be invited to join us.

No experience necessary. Please come with an open mind and a willingness to share.

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Support Group Yoni Talk with lori Francescutti
Yoni Talks with lori Francescutti