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Radical, heartfelt support for freedom in birth and parenting

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Birth is a sacred rite of passage. During pregnancy, a greater sense of awareness nudges many women onto a path of self-discovery. I will support you as you connect with your inner power, own your freedom of choice, and uncover your wisdom. I believe that conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting can transform our world.

- Lori Francescutti

Artist. Crafter. Creator.
Birth keeper. Heart warrior. Mother.
Global citizen. Lover of the natural world.

Postpartum Doula Support

Support in honouring the sanctity of your postpartum time and easing your transition to parenthood.

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Birth Consulting

Traditional birth consulting, collaboration, and mentoring for a changing birth paradigm.

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Calm Birth Meditation

Learn empowering meditation practices for conscious pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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Diaper Free Mentoring

Discover Elimination Communication for diaper freedom by responding to natural infant hygiene needs.

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“I most trust Lori to commit to the understanding and direction of the mother.”

- Maggie O’Connor, entrepreneur and founder of Inspire Haus