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Poet Earrings Dendritic Agate & Tourmaline

Poet Earrings Dendritic Agate & Tourmaline

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“The Inferno is not only a dreamlike space, but a place of symbols.”

- Dante's Divine Comedy

The pièce de résistance of the Inferno Collection. This incredible mismatched pair are truly works of art to adorn your body with. Two mismatched tourmaline stones hang from 18k gold hooks. Beneath them dangle a mismatched, though perfectly balance, pair of dendritic agate stones that are pieces of art in their own right. The stones are all lovingly wrapped in deliciously warm 18k gold and this pair simply glows. These are a pair that you can enjoy to the most special outings on your calendar and pass down for generations to come as family heirlooms. Truly a show-stopping pair.

Measure approximately 2.5" overall length including hook with a comfortable, lightweight feel.

Materials: Dendritic agate, tourmaline, 18 karat gold, .925 sterling silver

Send me a direct email at with any questions about this or another piece.

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